Healthcare: Mental Health

When the stress and pressures of life pushed him over the edge, Denny found himself in a mental health facility. There, he waited in earnest for God to speak to him — to help him "sort out" his life.


When Jackie’s boyfriend left her, she slipped into a major depression. Later, she began wondering if God had abandoned her too, and she eventually attempted suicide.


Like many of us, Eddie had been blessed with both a primary and secondary Christian education while growing up. Later in life however, mental health issues led him deep into gambling and drugs until his life spun completely out of control.


These are just a few of the hurting souls to whom God has given us the opportunity to share the hope of Jesus Christ.


Denny still struggles with a clear understanding of Jesus’ saving love, but he no longer waits for God to speak to him having found him in the pages of Holy Scriptures. In her most desperate hour, Jackie found both encouragement and forgiveness in the love of her Savior, and is now reconnecting with her church to continue seeking the spiritual healing she needs. Eddie has now completed a Christian drug/gambling study, and is making plans for the day he is released. Knowing that recovery is a long and difficult road, we are making plans to keep him connected to Jesus through personal study of his Word as well as at his church.


People who suffer with Mental Health Issues are both young and old, and they struggle with everything from depression and anxiety, to learning disabilities and substance abuse. Nevertheless, they are all dearly loved by our gracious God, who invites us to join him in this amazing ministry of sharing hope with those who need it most!


Chaplain Ken Wenzel


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